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Personal Knowbase

Category: Knowledge-Base software

Publisher: Bitsmith Software

Price: $39.95 (per seat)

Take control of your notes. Personal Knowbase is a serious notes management system that makes it easy to handle the large amount of information that we deal with every day. This free-form text database software uses keywords to manage your notes in an intuitive way. Unlike software using a tree-based structure, where your notes become buried as category trees become deeper and deeper, Personal Knowbase handles thousands of notes as easily as a few. Using keywords to organize notes at one level, you can filter for related information quickly. A useful tool for organizing clippings, quotes, anecdotes, messages, and ideas. Import from many files types, including custom formats. Drag in text to instantly make a new note. Link to web sites, email addresses, and files. Cross-reference notes. Password-protect private notes. Tag important notes for instant access. Combine keywords in queries using AND, OR, and NOT. Sort by date. No limit to the size of the database or length of the notes.


Type: Desktop application

Platform: Windows

Prerequisites: No Special Requirements.

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