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QoS-IT Helpdesk for Managed Service providers

Category: Helpdesk Software

Publisher: Ask Software Solutions

Price: $2980.00 (10 users & 12 months maintenance included)

Case Resolution Ė When incident is logged as new Case, the case resolution process is performed in one or more of the following Jobs: Help Desk, Remote Access, In-House and On-Site. Response Time is calculated and escalation is triggered if case is not resolved within predefined set time (1st and 2nd escalation points). Case resolution is managed and monitored by the following mechanism:
- Service Scheduling: Jobs are assigned to the most qualified person that can resolve the incident in the most efficient way. Scheduled jobs appears as tasks on the personís calendar
- Job Control Panel: In the process of performing a job, time is recorded for each task such as phone, Email, research and the time spent accessing the network via remote desktop. Task details are also entered upon completion of each task as supporting information for billing. The billing section of the control panel presents the associated Service Items, which are billed in accordance with the customerís SLA. Billing is either per-hour (as recorded for each task) or per-unit. If job is completed, the case can be either closed as resolved, set for follow up or closed as case not yet resolved and assign another Job to complete the process of case resolution.
- Invoicing: - The monthly invoice is the accumulation of all billings for all cases resolved within one month period.


Type: Web application

Platform: Windows

Prerequisites: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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